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Polarized lens technology is constantly evolving and Dr. Gary Nesty, optometrist and owner of Solar Bat Sunglasses, is committed to keeping Solar Bat’s polarized lenses on the cutting edge. Solar Bat Sunglasses is announcing that, effective immediately, all Performance Polarized sunglasses will have NEW AND IMPROVED PNVX Generation 3 lens technology. With this upgrade in optics, lens material, and polarized technology, Solar Bat remains a leader in polarized sunglasses with lenses that exceed US government sunglass standards for impact resistance and effectively block all harmful UV wavelengths. Simply put, you cannot put a better pair of sunglasses on your face. There are no better polarized sunglasses on the market.

By switching the Performance Polarized series from PNVXG2 lenses to PNVXG3 there is a modest price increase. Do not let the price fool you as Solar Bat sunglasses meet or exceed the quality of competitive sunglasses costing over twice as much. Solar Bat has always been committed to marketing the very best sunglass value per dollar spent and now that is even more true than before. Try a pair of these PNVXG3 lenses and you will never purchase another brand sunglass.


Solar Bat uses only TR90, the finest frame material in the sunglass market, to construct the frames in this series of sunglasses. There is one exception and that is the proprietary floating material we use to construct the Floating Bat 1. Many frames feature co-injected TCG in the temples and on the bridge. TCG is a proprietary material that actually increases grip as the temperature gets hotter.


All Sunglasses are Made in the USA