About Us

Why sLiK?
We know there are a lot of bait companies out there, but we strive to be your first choice through ease of use, dependability, and a shared desire to deepen our love of the sport.
Born out of Passion

Jonathan Britt became a lifelong fisherman when his father first taught him to cast a line as a toddler. Now fishing is something he and his wife and 5 children do for fun locally, as well as nearly every time they are on vacation. They love to explore new lakes and catch different species of fish.

Since fishing is more than just a hobby for the Britt family, the idea of sLiK bait co was born. Jonathan wanted anglers like himself to have access to fully customizable baits, rather than settling for the selections available at stores. The mission of sLiK is to provide high-quality baits that not only actually catch a variety of fish, but deepen every angler’s love for fishing through their own creativity and experiences with sLiK products.