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More than just a Scale

Automated Catch Entry, Push Notifications, & Precise Readings

Automated Data Collection

Capture catch data simply by weighing your catch. The scale will send data to the app and the app will pull in additional details such as date/time, GPS coordinates and then you can add photos and other details such as Species, Length, Girth, Weather, Bait/Lure, Technique, Waterway, and other data.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications give you confidence to know that your catch has been recorded to the app. Push notification to iOS devices also show on paired Apple Watches.

Precise Accurate Readings

No more Fish Tales and over exaggerating what you estimate the catch weighs. Feel confident in knowing catches weight with repeatable and accurate readings every time. The scale uses 5 Gram division to give a low margin of error on each reading.

Easy to Use

Bright, big, easy to read LCD Screen & 3 Button operation.

On/Off - Power Button with auto shutoff feature for saving power and increasing battery life.

Unit - Tap to cycle through units of measure LBS, KG, OZ.

Tare - Tap once to Zero out weight when you have any accessories attached to get accurate readings on your catch. Tap and hold to turn the Auto Hold feature on and off.

Accessories - Hook, Carabiner, Lip Gripper, and Protect Cover

Stainless Steel Hook comes attached or you can use the removable Carabiner and Non-Puncture Lip Gripper attachment to weigh every catch. Tare feature allows you to zero out before every weight to know you are getting actual weight of the catch. The protective cover can be used to protect the battery department from rough conditions in use and flipped around to protect the screen when in storage.

Features of the App

  • Available for Free Download on the iOS and Android App Store
  • Personal Catch Log - Keep track of all your catches and analyze your history
  • Social Sharing - Friends and Public Catch Log or share to other Social Media Apps
  • Cull Management - Automatically know which catch to cull with push notifications
  • Trip Route Tracking - Drop pin points on your route to easily recap details of your trip
  • Events - Join and compete in Connect Fishing League online tournaments