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We get a lot of questions about REEL THUMPERS! Thumping is an old tactic used by fisherman. Reel thumper has modernized and made it easy to call up the fish! Instead of using a paddle or rod to “thump” the bottom of the boat, this is a full package with an electric motor and rechargeable battery. The reel thumper makes a thumping sound that mimics the feeding of schooling stripers, hybrids, white bass, etc., including other species of fish. Some customers report that this fires up schools of bass as well.

REEL THUMPER is Backed by great customer service, a small footprint (one that can even fit inside a kayak compartment), a rechargeable battery, hardened steel components, brushless motors and a quality “thump sound” that fisherman swear by!

The PRO version includes the optional remote control key FOB, alligator clamps and wire leads to hook to an existing battery.

The ELITE version includes a variable speed remote, heavy duty motor, nylon washers and is built to withstand the heaviest use for those wanting the best and longest lasting unit offered!